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Links to Historic Home Related Sites of Interest


These are some links to sites we have personally selected for their relevance, quality, and je ne sais quoi (roughly translates to "for the helluva it"). Links included here warranted sharing, in our not-so-humble opinion, because they appealed to our sense of aesthetics, tickled our punny wry sense of humor, are shamelessly self-promoting, or belong to someone we dared not leave out because a) we owe them one, b) we have a relationship with them we would like to maintain, or c) they threatened us in some seriously painful way if they did not see their link here.

Regardless of the reason, we think you will find most of them worthwhile and interesting, some of them worthy of adding to your favorite bookmarks or broadcasting to your tweets, email lists, or blogosphere. As for the one or two that do not fall into either of those categories, we hope you'll forgive us -- those are the ones we were coerced into listing.

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A Musically and Otherwise Punctuated Glossary
of Vintage and Reproduction Textile Terms
Alphabetized terms and definitions you might encounter when researching or shopping for fabrics. An entertaining reference tool to help you identify vintage textiles and decipher the language of fabrics. Memorable musical clips, videos, and more provide the trimmings for this richly textured fabric dictionary.


Victorian Style Interior Design

For an overview of the basics of Victorian design, and some specially selected resources to help you achieve a historically sensitive Victorian style that suits your home's style as well as your own.

Victorian Gothic Home Decor Banner

American Colonial Interior American Colonial Syle: Eco-friendly, Functional, and Fashionable
American colonial style is perennially popular and the inspiration for today's "Country" and "Shabby Chic" styles of decor. Here you'll find DIY tips, photos, resources, and advice on how to achieve this warm, inviting, historic decorating style.

              Neoclassical Style Home Decor elements
Traditional Neoclassical Interior Design for the Historic Home 
All you need to create the Neoclassical look in your own home: what colors to use, which fabrics are appropriate, what motifs and patterns to look for in wallpaper and accessories, and more. Plus decorating tips, photos, resources, and links for additional information.

  Amercan Federal Interior Decorating Style American Federal Period Interior Design and Home Décor
is a distinctly American style of Neoclassicism adopted to represent and inspire the new nation's ideals. Federal design peaked in popularity from c. 1785-1825. Because it is timeless and classic its influence lives on.  

 Arts and Crafts Period Interior Design and Home Decorating
Reviews the Arts & Crafts movement and its variations and helps you create the right look for your c.1900 period home. Decorator tips, what colors, fabrics, furnishings, and accessories to use with photos and resources.

How to mix fabrics for a custom decorator look in 5 easy steps

peacock-wallpaperHistoric Wallpaper: If Walls Could Talk
An illustrated summary of wallpaper styles and technology from pre-1600 through the present. Complete with links to tools and related items,
including a short but comprehensive video. Not to be missed!

Photo of Victorian House
You know you own an old house when... 
A funny and sometimes bittersweet look at the frustrations and joys of restoring an architectural diamond-in-the-rough. (Be sure to add your own experiences to the list.)

Upholstered chair and fabricsChoosing appropriate upholstery fabrics for Period Decorating
A practical guide to choosing fabrics for your home for different applications. Learn about fabric durability ratings, finishes, and more in this informative and comprehensive two-part article


National Trust for Historic Preservation Logo
National Trust for Historic Preservation
 A private, nonprofit membership organization dedicated to providing education, advocacy, and resources to save America's diverse historic places and revitalize our communities.

Antique Web IconAntique Web
The Antique Web publishes articles, tips,news and information for collectors, dealers and antiques and collectibles enthusiasts.

Historic New England LogoHistoric New England   Collects and preserves buildings, landscapes and objects from the 1600s to today and uses them to help people develop a deeper understanding of New England life and culture.

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