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Yards to Meters Conversion Chart

Yards to Meters Metres Chart


The chart is divided into three sections. Yards are in the left column of each section and the equivalence in meters is in the right column. The chart is arranged in numerical order. To convert yards to meters, read the chart across from left (yards) to right (equivalent meters). To convert meters to yards, read the chart across from right (meters) to left (yards).


If you want to know how many meters are in 46 yards, for example, you would find 46 in the left column and read across to the right column. In this example, you would find it is 42.06 meters. If you need an amount that is not in even yards, such as 7.75 yards, you would first round the number up to the nearest tenth (in this case it would be 7.8). Then find the number 7 in the left column, where you will see that it is equivalent to 6.40 meters. Next, find .8 and the chart will tell you the metric equivalent is .731.  Add the metric equivalents (6.40 + .731) and you get 7.13 meters.


If you know the meters you need, you find that quantity in the right column and the yards needed will be in the left column. Let's say you need 18 meters of drapery fabric for your project.  Since there is no number 18 in the right hand column, find the fraction closest to 18. In this case, it is 18.28. Looking across to the left, we see that 18.28 meters is 20 yards, so we know if we order 20 yards we will have enough fabric. 


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